jeudi 6 octobre 2016

The android mobile game - Zerg Rush Monster

The android mobile game - Zerg Rush Monster
click on the image to download the game 

Hey Michael Vick ! Time to have a brainpop !! :) Get ready to blast off on an epic jumping journey with Zerg Rush Monster!

Prove you are the best! Dare the adventure! Collect all the candies, grab the Powerups, and avoid evil jelly and blob cute monsters to reach the edge of Candy World and beyond!

Meet Mungoo! The happy candy jumping monster! Mungoo Jumper dreams of soaring through the skies eating infinite sweet candies! But the jelly and blob cute monsters won’t let Micheal Vick go as high as he would like!

How to play Zerg Rush Monster?

Very Easy, tap and hold the screen in the right or the left side to jump and avoid all sorts of dangers in a wonderful sweet Candy World rich in adventures.

Help Mungoo Jumper, our friendly cute jumping monster reach new heights in this action brainpop packed game!
Bounce from stair to stair, dodge the crazy jelly and blob flying cute monsters, and grab every Power-Up you can to get the highest score.

Here is one of the best and sweetest jumping games you’ll ever play! Zerg Rush Monster is an awesome and incredibly addictive jumping action game!

Its gradually increasing difficulty levels makes it highly challenging and amusing!

With its explosive action gameplay, its colorful adventures and sweet appetizing graphics, Zerg Rush Monster will make you hungry of speed and candies!

The android mobile game - Zerg Rush Monster The android mobile game - Zerg Rush Monster
click on the image to download the game click on the image to download the game 

Zerg Rush Monster has got it all:
Mind-blowing cartoon graphics and beautiful multi-layered colorful backgrounds
Grab the Mega Candy Magnet and the Super Fly Boosts and hang on for a super sonic ride!
Collect candies and shields for big points and huge combo boosts!
Amazing Power-Ups! Protect your monster from the evil cute monsters candy eaters
Learn to jump smarter, better and faster and avoid the candy spines and all kinds of other dangers!
Strap on some Jumping and flying Boots! Become a Candy Magnet! Zap enemies with the Candy Power Shield!
Try to reach the edge of Candy World Universe and beyond!
Watch out for killer items and monsters that'll stop you dead in your tracks!
Hilarious sound effects and a bumping sound track!
Regular updates with new features and upgrades!
Jump always higher and collect a maximum of candy achievements for the highest gamer score!
Zerg Rush Monster is completely free!!
Compete with your friends on Facebook!

The android mobile game - Zerg Rush Monster
click on the image to download the game 

The all-new, free-to-play, Zerg Rush Monster experience features quick-to-play, sweet addictive vertical race against gravity! Jump smart and fast! Collect as much Candies as you can!

Zerg Rush Monster is a fast paced jumping and adventure game that allows you to experience a real adventure with increasing difficulty levels from easy to hard, full of surprises and significant challenges. So what are you waiting for? SMASH IT.

Control the cute Mungoo Jumper and collect as much candies as you can! And remember! The dumbest way to die in this great game is to touch one of the cute candy monsters or to fall into the void! It’s a simple ruled game for both kids and adults, but it's surprisingly challenging and addictive.

Welcome to the amazing, colorful and sweet world of Zerg Rush Monster!
Great fun to play alone or with friends and family, at home or outside!

Share the fun and show everybody who can jump the highest in Zerg Rush Monster!!!

Brought to you with love by AZA Studios.

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